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Located in Arizona, Legacy Production has a mission to help your legacy live on through recording your life story for generations to remember their roots.


All of us have a story to tell and that story unfolds over the many years we’ve spent on this Earth. Through the power of audio and video, we sit down with you or your loved ones and listen to the amazing stories from your lifetime. These stories and life lessons will be cherished from generation to generation as your descendants listen to where their family came from. Don’t let your story be forgotten.

This company started out of a personal project to record my grandparents’ stories. I lost one of my grandmas and regret not having ever recorded her memories so I set out on a mission to record my only two grandparents left. This is something I will pass on to my children and grandchildren to show them where our family comes from. I want to bless others with the same opportunity. Don’t let your stories and memories be lost after you’re gone. Preserve your family stories for as long as possible.



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Phoenix, AZ. Willing to travel outside of Arizona.



PHOTO CONVERSION (physical to digital)


Marilyn & Rod

Marilyn and Rod talk about their experience getting to hear Marilyn’s parents’ life stories.

Jim & Edna

Jim and Edna reflect on their opportunity to record their life stories for future generations.

Samples of previous recordings.



This is a clip from the many stories of James. He briefly talks about the grocery store that his parents owned and how they lived behind the grocery store.



Edna tells a story about how her father always bought season tickets to the local baseball team and she would join him at some games.

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